How to Install a Ceiling Fan – DIY ??

How to Install a Ceiling Fan – DIY ??

Coronavirus has kept everyone at their home, and everyone is doing their work on their own, including installing a ceiling fan well. It is quite a handy job, but things can get complicated, so we are here to tell you how to install a ceiling fan easily without any hassle.

Firstly let us state the equipment you will need for it, and they are ladder and screwdrivers. Ensure the leader you are going to get is a proper height ladder that is well suited for the design of your room or the heightened ceiling of a room. Now you will need a ceiling fan kit that can be purchased through any offline and online store. You may need a support brace and various other options as well.

Now for installing the fan. Do check best ceiling fan under 1500.

It is a safety step, and that is to turn off the electricity of your household. This tutorial because that can be dangerous if you get shocked through any holder. So after switching the electricity switch off, you may need a support brace.

The support brace helps you to join the ceiling fans to the body. There is various support brace in the market, and you can get them customized according to your need. You can also buy a separate support brace depending upon your requirement and the style of your household.

Secondly, you need to add the fan bracket, which is a hard job, but you might want to do it carefully.

The fan bracket is easy to install and use easily by inserting the screwdriver on the surface.

After doing this, you need to install the motor in your fan bracket, and you also need to identify the wiring system of your household. You should keep that in mind that various wires are used for other purposes, so you don’t want to mess with them.

After screwing all the screws on, make sure to check the motor. Now the next step is to match the wires.

There are different wire that serves separate matching to your house wire design. It is an easy job because they are colour-coded, but you need to match them correctly through a wire connector or a knot. After attaching the wires, you should check if they are working correctly to any lighting device and don’t turn the electricity. After matching the cables, you need to add the blades of the fan.

Adding the blade to a fan can be complicated, so we suggest you add them before installing the fan, and it is easier to add them before because you can move it properly. Now, after adding these, you might want to add your fixtures. There are various kinds of ceiling fans that come with features such as some of them provide you with a lighting facility, and if your device does the same, you might want to fix the lighting switch.


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