How to Clean Your Washing Machine

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

How to clean a washing machine needs to be known, considering that this is a device that is often used in households. Besides, the washing machine must also be cleaned regularly to make it more durable and avoid damage. The importance of washing the laundry machine is that this device can become a fungi nest that will threaten health.

Make sure there is no detergent leftover after washing.

The detergent may still stick to the portable washing machine when you finish washing it. As much as possible, use the right amount of detergent. You can find this information on the detergent packaging. Most people will use a lot of detergents because they feel this will make the clothes cleaner. However, the washing machine’s performance is not affected by this. With the right detergent dosage, no detergent residue can accumulate in the tube. If you are recommended to use detergent and produce a lot of foam, it is best to rerun the rinse mode to ensure there is no residual detergent.

Do not leave laundry.

When finished washing, clothes and other things are left for a while in the washing machine. At the same time, clothes that are damp or wet can quickly invite mold. Of course, it can make the clothes smell; it can even make the washing machine function less than optimal.

Leave the washing machine cover open

  1. After washing, do not immediately close the washing machine.
  2. There is still water left over from washing that has not been completely dry, so if the washing machine is presently closed, it will potentially cause mildew.
  3. Clean parts of the machine regularly

In general, on a washing machine, some parts need attention, for example:

Detergent drawer

    1. If your washing machine has this one part, you can clean it easily. First, remove this drawer, then soak in hot water. If there is still stubborn dirt, add carbolic acid to hot water.
    2. To clean between and in tight areas, use an old toothbrush to do the cleaning thoroughly.
    3. After that, rinse the drawer, dry it, and put it back in.
    4. Anyway, don’t forget to wipe the drain that connects the drawer and the washing machine tube.

The vents on the dryer

    1. After you dry the clothes, try always to wipe this part so it wouldn’t be damp.
    2. Open the cover of this dryer so that residual moisture can escape.


It is an essential component for the machine because it is the area where the water can go down optimally when the dryer works so your clothes can dry adequately.

Some additional tips, if your washing machine tub gets faded stains from clothes, you can immediately clean it with the help of a special cleaning spray. Meanwhile, you can follow it for stubborn stains by running the washing mode for about 15 minutes with a tube filled with a cloth.

Filter bag

    1. The way to clean this part is to remove it and rinse it under running water to remove any stuck dirt.
    2. You can also wash it with detergent, then rinse thoroughly.
    3. Make sure when you put it back in, it is dry, so it doesn’t trigger mold.
    4. And try to change the filter bag at least once every two months.


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