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4 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for Parties

Poolside parties are the most popular type of parties when we are with friends. Dancing alongside the pool and playing water sports is one kind of fun that everyone wants. The poolside parties are not complete without the music. With the high-quality best portable Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy poolside parties with ease. Carrying the regular speakers or the home theater system is not possible for poolside parties. So, it’s better to carry the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for convenience.

There is no shortage of Bluetooth speakers in the market. But finding waterproof portable Bluetooth speakers should be your priority for such parties. Carrying the regular Bluetooth speakers will damage them as it’s pretty common to have splashes of water in the pool parties. That’s why we are listing the best portable Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof. In this post, you’ll find a detailed list of the best portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers for poolside parties.

best speaker for party

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for Parties

#1 – boAt Stone 200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The boAt Stone 200 speaker comes with a stunning design and is quite sturdy. Not just that, the design is quite rugged, and the device is fully water-resistant. So, you can keep it beside the pool while you enjoy yourself with your friends. With the Bluetooth 4.1 version, you can easily enjoy wireless connectivity to the 11 meters. Also, the sound drivers are 50mm, which provides a crystal clear sound for the users. With the maximum sound output of 80 decibels, you won’t face any issues while listening to the music with these speakers. Also, the internal battery has a capacity of 1500 mAh, which provides the juice for more than 10 hours of continuous usage. It’s a great device if you want to have the IPX6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker for enjoying yourself with your friends n the outdoor parties.

#2 – Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Mivi is a new brand that is trending in the market due to its stylish audio accessories. The Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable wireless Bluetooth speakers are the best ones that are known for high portability. With the small form factor, you can easily enjoy listening to music while carrying the speaker unit in your pocket. For optimum connectivity, this device comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which provides wireless connectivity up to 11 meters. Also, Bluetooth 5.0 consumes less energy, which makes it less power-hungry. Due to the same, the battery lasts for more than 10 hours of continuous usage. Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth speakers are equipped with classic 5-Watt speaker units, which provide stunning sound quality. So, if you want a good sound at poolside parties, this is the best device rated for being water-resistant.

#3 – Sony SRS XB-12 Bluetooth Speaker

We all know that Sony is one of the well-known brands in the market. With the Sony SRS XB-12 Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy loud music without any kind of interruptions. With a high-quality battery, this device lasts for more than 12 hours, which is the biggest plus point. Sony has used the classic cup design, making it easier to keep the device on flat surfaces and regularize the sound waves properly. Unlike the other speakers, the Sony SRS XB-12 Bluetooth speaker comes with an inbuilt microphone, highly recommended if you want to accept the calls. With the powerful speaker unit and the IP67 waterproof ratings, it’s one of the great options for all your music listening needs at parties.

#4 – JBL Clip 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL is another well-known brand, which is loved by musicians as well. With the JBL Clip 3 wireless speaker, you can enjoy the music with the best quality. It’s a great speaker available under a price tag of 3000 INR, which looks like a lock. With the clip on the top side, you can lock it to your buckles and carry it around with ease. It’s a great-looking device, which has more than a few features. With the powerful speaker unit, which has 40mm drivers, it provides good sound quality. The bass and treble levels are decent, and you will be able to listen to the music’s minute details. Don’t worry; this product is certified for being water-resistant, so you can fearlessly use it near the water source without the worry of damaging the same. The internal battery has 1000 mAh and lasts for more than 10 hours with medium volume. It’s a great device that we should not ignore at all.

Final Words

We’ve seen many people getting frustrated due to the damaged Bluetooth speakers, only because they were not water-resistant. For fun-filled pool parties, having waterproof Bluetooth speakers is the best thing. If you love to enjoy such parties, carrying portable Bluetooth speakers is highly recommended. We asked our team to do the research and listed these best portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers for poolside parties. All you have to do is to check them and buy the best one that suits your requirements.…

What are the Must Have Things in your Living Room? 

Moving to the new house is a happy moment and almost everyone craves for the same. When you move into the new house, it’s basically empty and you have to fill it with the useful things. We’ve seen many people who are not having good organizational skills and creative minds filling their living room with useless things. Due to the same, the room becomes cluttered and doesn’t look good at all. That’s why properly organizing your living room is highly essential. 


Still, many of the first timers have no idea on what they must have in your living room. Almost all of the well-organized people keep these things in their living room. The essential products and things are must to keep in your living room, as it will make your room look clean, simple and attractive at the same time. In this post, we are trying to share the list of the things that you must keep in your living room to enhance the look, reduce the clutter and get most of the same. 

Must Have Living Room Essentials

#1 – Sofa Set 


When you have to sit in the living room, you need the sofa set. Having the sofa with the two sofa chairs is highly essential in the living room. The guests will sit on the sofa set and also you can sit on the same. The sofa set with the unique design and material will help you compliment the looks of the room. Having the designer sofa in your living room is a must and you should not miss out on the same. 

#2 – Coffee Table 


The coffee table or Tea table is a pretty common accessory in most of the modern houses. The proper utlization of the space is possible with the coffee table. You should not skimp on the coffee table, as it’s the centerpiece of the furniture. With the coffee table, you can keep the coffee mugs while relaxing on your sofa, keep the books, newspaper or even the snacks the same when there are guests. It’s a pretty useful piece of furniture that everyone must keep in their house 

#3 – Rug 

Rugs are pretty useful to cover up the entire plain floor. Without the rugs, your room will look pretty much simple. If you are a pretty creative person, then you must buy a good quality rug from the store. You should lay a good quality rug on the floor to enhance the look of the room. Also, it provides decent protection from the cold or warm floors in the respective seasons. If your room has the wooden flooring, then you should not ignore the area rugs as they will protect the wooden surface from wearing out. Fortunately, the area rugs are available easily in the market at affordable rates. 

#4 – Table Lamps  

You have to have the table lamp in your living room. As you are going to relax in the living room, reading books, newspapers, and playing with your dog, you need to have an additional source of lighting. The table lamps help you to get the additional lighting for specific purposes. You can turn off all the lights in the living room and only turn ON the table lamp while you are reading in the night. This will not only reduce the eye strain, but also save on a lot of energy resources. You’ll find a lot of great table lamps in the market with modern, unique or even the antique designs. Choose the one that has the living room theme. 

#5 – Window Curtains 


If you have good observational skills, then you must have noticed that all of the simple and attractive living rooms do have the window curtains. With the window curtains, you can maintain privacy as well as control the light intake. If you have the big windows, then your living room must be well-lit with the natural light. With the designer curtains, you can control the light intake and also enhance the look of the room. You may find some good quality curtains on the online marketplaces or the best thing is to visit the local shop to get the customized window curtains according to the theme of the living room. 

#6 – BuzzBGone

BuzzBGone is a mosquito repellant machine that kick out all the insects and mosquitoes from your living room. It’s one of the essential items that you should keep in your living room to keep your health good. Mosquitoes and insect bites can spread many serious diseases like malaria, so go and order BuzzBGone for your living room now. You can read more about BuzzBGone in this review.

# 7 – Indoor Plants 


Indoor plants are pretty useful in the small house. As the small house owners can’t maintain the backyard or the garden, keeping the indoor plants will help them with nature’s touch. There are many great indoor plants, which only need sunlight and minimal water to stay alive. Such plants enhance the look of your living room. There are a lot of great plants that emit much higher amounts of oxygen and also clean the environment effectively. Keep such indoor plants in the windows or on the coffee table. 

Final Words 


When it comes to the Living room essentials, we can think of hundreds of things. But not everyone is capable of owning a lot of things to keep in the living room. We’ve tried to share the list of the absolute essentials, which are useful in keeping your living room simple, clutter-free and attractive. You can add or remove any of the essentials according to your personal taste. If you are having any doubts or want to add something in this list, then make sure to use the comment box below.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

How to clean a washing machine needs to be known, considering that this is a device that is often used in households. Besides, the washing machine must also be cleaned regularly to make it more durable and avoid damage. The importance of washing the laundry machine is that this device can become a fungi nest that will threaten health.

Make sure there is no detergent leftover after washing.

The detergent may still stick to the portable washing machine when you finish washing it. As much as possible, use the right amount of detergent. You can find this information on the detergent packaging. Most people will use a lot of detergents because they feel this will make the clothes cleaner. However, the washing machine’s performance is not affected by this. With the right detergent dosage, no detergent residue can accumulate in the tube. If you are recommended to use detergent and produce a lot of foam, it is best to rerun the rinse mode to ensure there is no residual detergent.

Do not leave laundry.

When finished washing, clothes and other things are left for a while in the washing machine. At the same time, clothes that are damp or wet can quickly invite mold. Of course, it can make the clothes smell; it can even make the washing machine function less than optimal.

Leave the washing machine cover open

  1. After washing, do not immediately close the washing machine.
  2. There is still water left over from washing that has not been completely dry, so if the washing machine is presently closed, it will potentially cause mildew.
  3. Clean parts of the machine regularly

In general, on a washing machine, some parts need attention, for example:

Detergent drawer

    1. If your washing machine has this one part, you can clean it easily. First, remove this drawer, then soak in hot water. If there is still stubborn dirt, add carbolic acid to hot water.
    2. To clean between and in tight areas, use an old toothbrush to do the cleaning thoroughly.
    3. After that, rinse the drawer, dry it, and put it back in.
    4. Anyway, don’t forget to wipe the drain that connects the drawer and the washing machine tube.

The vents on the dryer

    1. After you dry the clothes, try always to wipe this part so it wouldn’t be damp.
    2. Open the cover of this dryer so that residual moisture can escape.


It is an essential component for the machine because it is the area where the water can go down optimally when the dryer works so your clothes can dry adequately.

Some additional tips, if your washing machine tub gets faded stains from clothes, you can immediately clean it with the help of a special cleaning spray. Meanwhile, you can follow it for stubborn stains by running the washing mode for about 15 minutes with a tube filled with a cloth.

Filter bag

    1. The way to clean this part is to remove it and rinse it under running water to remove any stuck dirt.
    2. You can also wash it with detergent, then rinse thoroughly.
    3. Make sure when you put it back in, it is dry, so it doesn’t trigger mold.
    4. And try to change the filter bag at least once every two months.


How to Install a Ceiling Fan – DIY ??

How to Install a Ceiling Fan – DIY ??

Coronavirus has kept everyone at their home, and everyone is doing their work on their own, including installing a ceiling fan well. It is quite a handy job, but things can get complicated, so we are here to tell you how to install a ceiling fan easily without any hassle.

Firstly let us state the equipment you will need for it, and they are ladder and screwdrivers. Ensure the leader you are going to get is a proper height ladder that is well suited for the design of your room or the heightened ceiling of a room. Now you will need a ceiling fan kit that can be purchased through any offline and online store. You may need a support brace and various other options as well.

Now for installing the fan. Do check best ceiling fan under 1500.

It is a safety step, and that is to turn off the electricity of your household. This tutorial because that can be dangerous if you get shocked through any holder. So after switching the electricity switch off, you may need a support brace.

The support brace helps you to join the ceiling fans to the body. There is various support brace in the market, and you can get them customized according to your need. You can also buy a separate support brace depending upon your requirement and the style of your household.

Secondly, you need to add the fan bracket, which is a hard job, but you might want to do it carefully.

The fan bracket is easy to install and use easily by inserting the screwdriver on the surface.

After doing this, you need to install the motor in your fan bracket, and you also need to identify the wiring system of your household. You should keep that in mind that various wires are used for other purposes, so you don’t want to mess with them.

After screwing all the screws on, make sure to check the motor. Now the next step is to match the wires.

There are different wire that serves separate matching to your house wire design. It is an easy job because they are colour-coded, but you need to match them correctly through a wire connector or a knot. After attaching the wires, you should check if they are working correctly to any lighting device and don’t turn the electricity. After matching the cables, you need to add the blades of the fan.

Adding the blade to a fan can be complicated, so we suggest you add them before installing the fan, and it is easier to add them before because you can move it properly. Now, after adding these, you might want to add your fixtures. There are various kinds of ceiling fans that come with features such as some of them provide you with a lighting facility, and if your device does the same, you might want to fix the lighting switch.