Month: April 2020

cash formula scam

Cash Formula Software Scam – Stay Away From It!

Looking for Cash Formula Review? Are confused and thinking in your mind that “Is Cash Formula Scam?” Well, Don’t worry and continue reading this article. In today’s article, we’re discussing a new binary options training scheme called the Cash Formula. This has become a very popular stream within the trading industry, and a lot of traders are coming forward and complaining saying that this software does not work as it says.

By keeping all this thing in our memory, we decided to write Cash Formula software review. Once we completed our examination, observed how misleading and bizarre this trading software is. Even in our in-depth research, we found lots of things which are sufficient to call Cash Formula a SCAM.

In following lines, you’ll read about all the evidence which we manage to get against Cash Formula, but first, it is vital to know a bit about this binary options trading software.

Update – April 2020 – Binary Options scams are not trendy anymore. That’s why these scammers are focusing on a new market trend – Crypto. These scammers recently created this scam called as Bitcoin Future scam. I wanted to alert every person to stay away from it.

cash formula scam

What is Cash Formula?

It is binary options auto trader software using which ordinary users who do not understand much about trading can quickly make the basic profit of $2100 or even more. The trading software is based on some kind of secret Cash Formula file. The secret trick is unique and provides you winning rate of 77% to 88%.

The software is maintained by the company named as Cash Formula whose co-founder is Tim Stafford. According to him, he has developed software in a way that an ordinary user who are not perfect in trading or using a computer an easy use it. The software will be activated just by making few clicks.

This trading software gives you guarantee that you will make a profit for sure, and there is no risk associated with it.

There are numbers of promises which is made by him in the presentation video, but in our in-depth analysis, we able to get lots of proofs and facts which forced us to call this binary options software a Fake or SCAM trading software. Why don’t you check out all of them:

Why Cash Formula Software is Clearly a SCAM

Alleged Mr. Stafford is Hired Actor

Like most of the fake trading software, when we searched about Tim Stafford we didn’t found anything about Tim Stafford on the web. It seems like it is a fake name. Now if he’s a millionaire who already helped lots of users in earning a high profit, then why are unable to found any link to his success story on the internet?

Think about it and let us know.

Rush Sale Tactics

If you visit the official site and try to create an account for this trading software, you’ll notice the note near pitch video that you have to create an account in limited time, and if you miss this chance, you will not be able to get your spot back.

Now this is a misleading and fraudulent statement because when we cleared our browser cache and visited the site of Cash Formula again, we still have our spot available.

So this is just a part of rush sales tactics so that more and more users create an account for this trading software.

Fake Testimonials Providers

cash formula fake testimonials

On the website, you’ll find a segment where secret students of Cash Formula have shared their experience. Now we’ve no dilemma in our brain that all are bogus, or you can say are paid, actors. We have searched about all of them on the internet and didn’t able to verify the identity of the single users.

Even there are two users named as Loren L, and Randy N. Now Loren L is a CEO of the anonymous company, while Randy N is Vintage Art Collector. Now both of them must have social existence on the internet. Unfortunately, we did not found single information about both. Now if Loren is CEO of the firm, then her business must be verified on the internet or by Google, but we did not found any company associated with her. Also, if Randy N is Vintage Art Collector, then he had a professional profile on Linkedin but did not get any.

So by checking all these things no doubt left in our mind that all these reviewers are fake.

No Explanation about Cash Formula Secret 

We have reviewed lots of binary options software in past and all the trading software including SCAM one’s shared with users how their software works and how you will make a profit. But in this case, Tim Stafford did not share much about his binary options software which forced us to raise the red flag.

Professor Drew Cumming, Mentor of Tim Stafford Doesn’t Exist

So finally we able to get the name of a mentor of Tim Stafford and his name is Professor Drew Cumming. We’ve no doubt in our mind that he is also a paid actor, and we proved this statement by checking about him on the internet. Off course, we found two Drew Cumming profiles on the web, but the shocking part is that both the profile doesn’t belong the to Professor Drew Cumming of our trading software.

So another paid actor into the party right?

There is No Surety of Profit and Risk

In the presentation video, Tim Stafford mentioned so many time that the trick on which Cash Formula is based is unique, and you will make a profit. But when we checked the earning disclaimer page on the official site, it is clearly mentioned that Cash Formula did not give you any guarantee that you will make a profit for sure. Even it is also mentioned that there are lots of risks associated while using this trading software.

So keep all the things in mind, before start using the Cash Formula software.


So it is confirmed that Cash Formula software is presented by a group of paid actors from owner to secret students of all they are fake. By all these things, we’re not recommending Cash Formula to anyone because it is a SCAM.

If you still want to spend in this trading software, then the decision is yours. We would love to listen to your experience in the comments.…